Stop and Smell the Roses


As a developing leader, I like many find myself overwhelmed.  After all, being a leader is an every day and every moment job.  If one truly believes in the change one wishes to see in the world, it is embraced it in every aspect of their life and he or she strives tirelessly see that change materialized. However, true change takes time and is often a long, hard struggle with little evidence of progress during the plight.  This struggle can be disheartening.  So, how does one remain focused when entrenched with personal issues and daily obligations?  A mentor recently shared a quote by Dan Eldon, which states, “The journey is the destination.”  Initially, I was not sure why she chose this quote, but as I prepare my assignments for the week – it came to me.  So often, we become consumed with obtaining the desired result and seeing goals actualized, we often lose sight of the lessons we learn during the process.  It can vary from the note about empowerment posted by a classmate for a blog assignment (thanks Laura – to adopting the thought “learning is a place where paradise can be created” from bell hooks (hooks, 1994 p. 207).  There is beauty in the process of changing the world, because we transform-evolve. So, I encourage all leaders to stop, smell the roses, and enjoy the process.

hooks, bell (1994) Teaching to Transgress. Education as the practice of freedom, London: Routledge.

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